Bath Street Boxes Ltd supply specially made high-quality presentation boxes, gift boxes, wedding favour boxes and slipcases to your own specifications in almost any colour. We can also supply see-through PVC lids, satin lining of the box base, hinged lids and shaped inserts to hold your product. We can also cover your boxes in your own custom printed paper.
Whatever your requirements, it is likely that we can produce something for a competitive price. Please contact us with a good idea of the following information:
1. Length, width and depth
2. Quantity required
3. Outer colour
4. Covered or clear lids
5. Depth of lid (a shallow lid is standard on boxes over 25mm depth)
6. If printing or blocking is required, what size and where
7. If the inside has to be lined with coloured paper (white or black are standard colours)
8. If your item has to be held in position with some sort of platform
9. If the inside of the box has to be lined with satin
10. Deadline for the quotation/production

Wedding favour boxes are available in two standard sizes:

  • 50 x 50 x 40mm
  • 115 x 40 x 40mm

Paper and ribbon colour samples can be provided free of charge.

Sustainable materials

It is our policy to source recycled board and papers from sustainably managed forests. We cover our gift boxes, presentation boxes and wedding favour boxes with a wide range of papers that have environmental accreditations and carry a recognized logo or certification from the supplying paper mills.


We take recycling very seriously; our presentation boxes, gift boxes and wedding favour boxes are made from a board containing at least 90% recycled materials. We also ensure that 100% of our production waste is collected for recycling.

For bespoke presentation boxes in Walsall and across the UK, call us on: